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This Village of Hope (VOH) project is in the rural community of Chongwe, Zambia which is approx. 40 kilometers east of the large Metropolitan city of Lusaka ,Zambia. The 10 acre site will have the necessary infrastructure completed so that 15 to 16 houses can be built providing lodging for approx. 100 Zambian children. We hope to build 2 schools which will not only be used to educate the VOH children , but will be opened to the entire community of approx. 500 potential students. Health clinics, play grounds with equipment, and soccer fields will be among the high priority items required and built as needed. After all is completed we are only interested in bringing hope to many orphaned children who had no hope because of the Aids Virus. Perhaps as these children grow up, they will experience their good fortune and through the education they were able to receive they will give back to others who are victimized by aids.

The time has almost arrived when we will be taking another trip to Village of Hope (VOH) Chongwe in Zambia.

Our Project Update
Updated: October 4, 2017

It was a joy for a group of six of us to visit VOH Chongwe this past September 2017. We were able to take several hockey type bags full of items for the children that live on sight, house mothers, teachers, students and other staff. The project has 56 staff members (administration, teachers, construction, security, house moms, aunties, clinical staff, etc.) and approximately 600 students from kindergarten to grade 10. It was a thrill to spend some times with everyone, visiting classrooms several times during our visit, participating in th feeding program and just to see the progress to date. Lots of wonderful additions to the village.

Once again, we would like to state that it is out desire, as a foundation, to continue Joe Whittaker's legacy by encouraging, supporting, and being involved with the VOH Chonqwe. At the end of the day, its not about what you have or even about what you have accomplished... it's about who you have lifted up, whose life you have made better, and most important, giving hope to someone else. Thank you to all of you who have joined with us to help make this possible.

Darlene Whittaker/RCFOH

Our Project Update
Updated: April, 2016

It was a pleasure to travel with my daughters, my sister and brother to VOH Chongwe, Zambia in September 2015. We were somewhat apprehensive as to what this trip would have in store for each of us emotionally, as this was the first trip back after Joe's passing. It was our pleasure to be welcomed with much enthusiasm and love.

We were happy to be able to take several items with us including approximately 300 pairs of Crocks/sandals-what a thrill to fit each shoe to a specific child in much need of foot ware. Due to a fund raiser by our great niece we were able to shop in Lusaka for 300 book bags to be distributed as well, along with many other items given to us to take on our trip.

During our visit we were able to take part in the feeding program and to provide water dispensers for each classroom, enabling children to have a drink of water without having to be excused from class to go to the well for a drink. I was overwhelmed and humbled to be able to serve many of the children their first cup of water from the dispensers.

The chapel/meeting centre is complete, it is an amazing addition to the village, as well as a meeting centre, it provides shelter from the sun and rain for the children. The High School should be completed and ready for classes mid May-we have approximately 550 students kindergarten to grade 9.

Joe's passion and drive in his last few years was to have a clinic built on the property that would serve to provide basic health care to the children, staff and their families. We were excited to see the clinic open and serving patients not only from the VOH but also from the community. Approximately 1700 patients are seen in the clinic each month.

It is our desire, as a foundation, to continue Joe Whittaker's legacy by encouraging, supporting and being involved with the VOH Chongwe. At the end of the day its not about what you have or even about what you have accomplished... it's about who you have lifted up, whose life you have made better, and most important giving hope to someone else. Thank you to all of you who have joined with us to help make this possible.

Darlene Whittaker
For the Board of RCFOH



High School

High School

Meeting Centre

Meeting Centre

Our Project Update
Updated: December 2, 2014

We are excited to announce the opening of the VOH Change clinic! Not only is the VOH Chongwe Clinic a well-designed infrastructure, but it also will provide quality healthcare to resident children, students, staff, and those from the surrounding community.

Our Project Update
Updated: December 2, 2014

VOH Chongwe Children, Teachers and Mothers joined the rest of our Nation Zambia as they took part in the Jubilee (50th Independence Day) Celebration. They marched around the District of Chongwe and were accompanied by the Military Forces, Government Officials and other schools. The Celebration was honored by the Area member of Parliament Honorable Silvia Masebo.

Our Project Update
Updated: December 13, 2013

This week VOH Chongwe received a visit from a group of medical students from the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. The students were brought by the local Ministry of Health as part of their training program. Happy Mwale, our construction foreman, gave them a tour of the clinic, which is still under construction, and all were very impressed with the good progress being made as well as with the quality of work that has been done.

When the clinic is completed it will serve the children and staff at VOH Chongwe and will also be open to serve the surrounding community where there is a real need for good medical care.

Our Project Update
Updated: August 14, 2013

Construction of the VOH-Chongwe Clinic is progressing well! Once completed the Clinic will provide health services to all the VOH children, staff, & the surrounding communities.

VOH-Chongwe is situated in a community of over 15 thousand people with one district Clinic and one Hospital, which are quite congested. The opening of the VOH Clinic will help many families!

Reliable Charitable Foundation of Hope is proud to be the sponsor of this village Clinic. We are working together with VOH, the Director of Global Health from the University of Alberta, the Chongwe Community Medical Officer, and two Doctors from Alberta to bring this project to completion. We will furnish the Clinic with all the necessary equipment to meet the needs of the children, staff and surrounding community.

Our Project Update
Updated: January 16, 2013

Happy New Year to all of you who check our web to see what is happening at our project in Zambia. Many of you were aware that Darlene and I, along with our children and grandchildren spent our entire Christmas season at the Village of Hope, Chongwe (VOH) Zambia. The anticipation and planning that goes into a trip like this seems endless, however, it passes much too quickly when you are there , at times it feels like it was only a dream when we are left wondering if the reality really did happen, but the jet lag and tired bodies confirms that it actually did . We took 15 bags of humanitarian items which also included Christmas gifts for 40 children, 5 house mothers and their helpers, Teachers, plus a gift bag for all the construction, and security workers. I think the biggest surprise to all of us was that all the bags made it to Zambia, not one was missing; I guess a hur rah should be said for the Air Lines.

One of the most satisfying things that Darlene and I experienced was to see all of our grand children giving out gifts, and bonding with the children while playing and singing together. A dear friend of ours made slippers for every child at the orphanage so each child had to be fitted. Our grand children worked tirelessly until every child and house mother had been properly fitted with house slippers.. There are some pictures in the picture gallery of the grandchildren placing slippers on the feet of those at the village.

We have to date completed 8 of the 12 homes that will be built, 5 of the 8 homes have children and house mothers. Apparently the Zambian government is quite slow in approving children. I can assure you that there will be more children than houses at the end of the day. The soccer field has been leveled, graded, and seeded just in time for the rainy season. We are happy to say that the Zambia Medical Office (ZMO) has approved the site of VOH for a medical clinic. I have been working with the University of Alberta (UofA) and ZMO people assessing what exactly is required. While I was there I picked up the approved drawing for the building. We are indeed grateful because it could take up to 3 years to get an approval. We hope to get things started sometime in 2013.

John and June White from Ontario are there to make sure the construction keeps pace. John is building a huge playground station for the children. We are so greatful to have them there, and want to thank them for their dedication and for coming along side us to fulfill our vision.

We will be updating and changing the pictures in the picture gallery over the next year. If you check our web, drop us a line as we would like to know who you are. We promise we will not phone , send out letters or solicit you for money. We would just like to know who you are. We are committed to seeing this project to fruition.

I want to thank those who have come along side to help us shoulder the load. Your trust in us is very humbling. The thought that often crosses our mind is that perhaps in a decade or so from now, Zambia's next leaders or even President might come from this VOH in Chongwe, Zambia. Remember that you will have had a major influence in that life.

Whittaker/ Mueller/ Harder Families

Clinic Progress

Construction has begun on the Chapel